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Eastern European Essay Topics?

Hi everyone! :)
I am not sure how active this community is, but I figured I would try to post something anyway!

I am taking my first political science class on Eastern Europe, which mainly focuses on the politics of transition after World War I to the present day.

Because this is my first political science class, I am having a bit of trouble coming up with an essay topic for my class. Do any of you have any suggestions on topics I could look into for a potential paper topic?

I am more familiar with Czech/Poland/Ukraine, but if a topic is interesting, I'd like to learn more as well.

Any suggestions? I thank all of you in advance!


My undergrad thesis was on the politics of national identity in interwar Poland and Lithuania. I'm currently doing an independent study doing a compare and contrast of party politics in interwar Poland versus post-communist Poland.

First pick a time period you want to work with - interwar, WW2, Cold War, post-communist. From there, is there anything you're particularly interested in?

Well, the Professor prefers papers focused after WW2 and up to 1989.

I am interested in the Hungarian Revolution and the Prague Spring. Also, I am up for learning new things about countries I don't get a chance to study a lot of (Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania, etc).

I am just having a hard time wrapping my head around making it a political science paper, rather than a history paper (as I am used to.)

Any advice you could give, I would appreciate!

There really isn't much difference between a poli sci paper and a history paper other than depth of topic.

With a poli sci paper, I would focus more on the causes of the Hungarian/Czech revolution, the Soviet response, how it changed the situation, and how it affected the final collapse of the communists.

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Thanks! :)

Yes! :) If you could give me some suggestions/point me in the right direction :) I was actually thinking of trying to research Ukrainian identity or nationalism under the Soviet system or something along those lines..